Learn about InDesign to boost yourself and your team for more creativity

InDesign is used to publish projects from a big range of printing projects to a digital publication or any web browser application project like brochures, books, posters, stationery, or any interactive PDF document to interactive publication.

A lot of people think that InDesign is a complicated application to work with, but after reading the below anyone who does not even know how to use this application, will be able to make an amazing brochure in 5 minutes only.

At the beginning we want to introduce our creative instructor Emily:

Emily spent a lot of her time learning, and teach to refine how does she work in many places. as the most important of her years of experience, she had one overriding theme which is: bringing others on board to change the world with our own stories, our labors of creativity and art.

Emily’s next step:

Emily decided to share her experience, along with others in a new online training session, using her experience to help anyone who doesn’t even know what InDesign application is, to realize that InDesign is a simple program to use.

Who can attend this course:

1-     Anyone who has Adobe InDesign CC Copy.

2-     Anyone who does not have any experience in InDesign.

3-     Anyone who does not have any designing experience.

4-     Anyone who does not know anything about desktop publishing.

Emily will work with everyone step-by-step in real-life projects, starting from a simple flyer, full-page brochure & newsletters to along annual companies reports and get it ready for printing, also she will work with everyone in colors and use corporate colors as well using fonts like professionals.

In Emily’s online training you will:

1-     Learn about Adobe In-Design tools

2-     Learn how to create a wonderful poster, brochures & company stationary.

3-     Learn how to get PDF documents ready for printing.

4-     Learn how to create your colors & fonts.

5-     tips and tricks used by professionals.

6-     How to find, resize, and crop images

Emily also offers to the students exclusive content such as:

1-     Downloadable content

2-     Work with you on a real projects assignment to include in your own C.V

3-     Professionals’ workflows and shortcuts.

4-     Support directly from Emily

5-     Open files for other people's work to fix fonts, images and adjusting on it as a fun exercise.

All of that and much more for those who are excited about Emily’s next Training please leave your information in the below form as Emily will contact each one of you to give you the full details on how to join her training.

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